Play Bot Particle Flow Setup

A useless but fun little setup.

So I have been pretty busy at work lately and haven’t find the time to do any personal stuff. But finally I have some time on this 3 day weekend! Presenting Play Bot, a fun little Particle Flow RnD project.

The idea came when I saw this Thinking Particles RnD from Santi Bono a few months back. I was curious to see how one could achieve a similar behavior using Particle Flow. The main behavior was quickly achieved after I looked at this post from Eloi Andaluz. After that it’s about adding to the basic script to have the tracking effect.

After the script was done, I decided to add more of a personal touch, so I designed and modeled the little robot (inspired heavily by Bulgarov’s work). Please ignore the filthy modeling, my focus for the model was design and speed, at work I don’t model like this (or do I hmmmmmm…)

As always you can download the scene if you want to play with it.